Office of the Vice-President Academic Affairs

There shall be one or more Vice-presidents for the University as need arises.  In addition to assisting the president in his many duties, the functions of the Vice-President shall include:

The Vice-President shall co-ordinate the day-to-day activities of the Deans and other functional Units of the University to ensure that the University is functioning harmoniously, to chair the sessions of the Senate and specifically head of the Academic Programmes of the University under the overall supervisions of the president, to be acting president of the University in the absence of the President and any other task that the president may assign to him.


Vice President for Academic Affairs Prof Ahmed A. Boqore at the Office of the President, Chairing a Senate Meeting held at Main Campus Amoud University[April 2016]


Vice President’s Office(Academic Affairs)

Prof. Ahmed A. Boqore

Vice President, Academic Affairs

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Cell Phone: +252(063) 4456036