On Wednesday 30th, 2016, Faculty of Business and Public Administration, Amoud University, held the second Public Lecture in a Series of such lectures lined up for the Academic Year 2016/2017 for students from the various departments of the Faculty including those specializing in Business Adminsitration, Public Administration, Development studies and Project Management.

Mohamed Ali Bile was the second guest professor to visit Amoud University courtesy of an invitation by Prof. Abdisamad Egeh Habaneh, Dean faculty of Business and Public Administration, Amoud University  since the opening of the new Academic year September 2016. This was the second high profile visit by a visiting professor in a programme that the Dean, Faculty of Business and Public Adminsitration has come to fondly refer to as "Real Life Applications and Experience Sharing". Under this programme he presented the topic entitled, "From University to Real Life - What to expect when you graduate".


Mohamed Ali Bile(foreground) delivering a Public Lecture to students of faculty of Business and Public Adminisration, Amoud University at the graduation hall, main campus, Amoud university [Wednesday November 30th, 2016]


Mohamed Bile possesses a three-decade experience in planning and leading education programs, especially in conflict affected and fragile zones. This is in addition to in-depth expertise on Middle East and Africa socio-political affairs, threat dynamics and opportunities. He is well endowed with skills on negotiations and dealing with strong partners. He has further worked with Government, UNESCO, UNICEF, the World Bank, USAID funded programs. He currently works as a Senior access/ Fragility Expert.

His academic background includes MBA training at California State University, University of London; a Postgraduate Diploma from Harvard University, UNESCO IIEP (Paris); graduate Degree earnerd from IIE Matei, Urbino (Italy), Maastricht University and a BSc attained from Somali National University, among various other certifications, conferences attended and diplomas. He is Fluent in English, Arabic and Somali and is also Good in Italian.

In his speech, Mohamed talked about what prospective graduates from Amoud University may need while they are in the university such as soft skills, entreprenueral skills, and what makes one to stand out, what makes one to be unique and attractive for employment. He shared his experience of working in the international arena in the fields of Public Private Partnership, development and humanitarian programmes, and their operational management. This much work Mohamed has done in seven countries all over the world predorminantly in Asian and African continents.


To the students of Amoud University, the speaker emphasized on acquisition of strategic skills and abilities like social networking, entreprenuership skills and such abilities as to gain comparative advatage over other graduates so as to set yourself up for as unique amongst the many graduates coming out of the various universities, Amoud University included.


Mohamed Ali Bile(left) at Graduation Hall Main Campus, Amoud University, Borama, receiving a certificate of appreciation from Faculty of Business and Public Administration, Amoud University, handed to him on behalf of the Faculty by Prof. Mohamoud Moahmed Jama "Derie"(right), Vice President Public Relations and Community Outreach, Amoud University (Wednesday, November 30th, 2016)


The Dean Faculty of Busiess and Public Administration awarded the visiting lecturer with a certificate of appreciation for his efforts towards motivating the students through sharing of his real life experience and mentorship to the graduates-to-be so that they can live life with a purpose and focus their eyes on certain fruitful targets upon successful completion of their studies.

Mohamed is an author of sorts, and as a sign of goodwill he donated to Amoud University several copies of a book he recently wrote entitled "10 x 10 BOQOL TALLAABO HORE U QAAD"