Prof. Suleiman A. Gulaid, President, Amoud University today met the Representatives of the Somaliland National Electoral Commission (NEC) officials who paid him a courtesy call at his offices located at the Main Campus, Amoud University, in Borama Town.

The Somaliland NEC is scheduled to hold training of its enumerator clerks, voter officials and various other positions as an electoral body within the Main Campus Amoud University premises for a few weeks beginning soon in the month of April 2017, in preparation for the forthcoming general elections due to be held in the near future.

Prof. Suleiman resumed duty at the start of April 2017, having been away for about two months in Turkey on a short but well-deserved leave of absence.

Amoud University re-opened its doors on March 1st, 2017 for the second semester March 2017/ July 2017 for this current Academic Year Sep 2016/ July 2017. According to the Academic Calendar, the semester is already in its 5th week.