The Chief Registrar has announced that Mid Term Examinations for all undergraduate Students at Amoud University in various programmes are scheduled for commencement on Saturday, May 13th, 2017 and will continue for one week until Saturday May 20th, 2017.

Following a senate meeting held at the Office of the Vice President Academic Affairs, the university moved the examinations forward from the previously scheduled time according to the academic calendar by two weeks in order to cater for students who are scheduled to participate in the forthcoming National Electoral Commission (NEC) work to be held.

All students are reminded that it is important for them to ensure the following:-

  1. That they are fully and properly registered for known and specific courses according to the laid down procedures
  2. That they pay their school fees in time and bring with them Student Identification Cards at the beginning of each and every examination.
  3. That they observe all Amoud University examination rules and regulations

This notice has been given by the Deputy Registrar Mr. Suleiman H. Ali, on behalf of the of Mr. Abdillahi A. Aare, the Chief Academic Registrar, Amoud University in consultation with Prof. Ahmed Abdillahi Boqore, the Vice President for Academic Affairs in a letter dated April 10th, 2017 of reference number AU/RGS/118/2017.

Suleiman H. Ali, Deputy Academic Registrar, Amoud University FILE/PHOTO